Axe Enters into new forays

If you ever wonder when the a11y community would have a standard rule set for native Android and iOS apps, well, you may rejoice now!In a recent joint press release at CSUN 2019, Deque Systems and Microsoft have announced their partnership to release Axe for Android and iOS. As Axe for native apps are going…


A11YTools For IOS by Paul J Adam

One of the difficult tasks of an accessibility consultant is to run automation testing on mobile web as the screen size is small & browsers doesn’t support the installation of regular plug-ins; we need to depend on Bookmarklets or connect the device to a MAC or a Desktop machine & conduct the testing using alternative…

Mobile Accessibility Cheat sheets

A curated list of Mobile Accessibility cheat sheets from around the web. Please do comment if any new cheat sheets are found. Please also check our WCAG Cheat Sheets & WAI-ARIA cheat sheets. Android Gesture Reference Cheatsheet by Interactive Accessibility iOSBluetooth Keyboard Reference Cheatsheet by Interactive Accessibility iOS Gesture Reference Cheatsheet by Interactive Accessibility


17 Free Mobile Accessibility Testing Tools

MobileAccording to W3C “Mobile accessibility” refers to making websites and applications more accessible to people with disabilities when they are using mobile phones and other devices. WAI’s work in this area addresses accessibility issues of people using a broad range of devices to interact with the web: phones, tablets, TVs, and more. Accessibility testing on…