Hi World, Please meet Raghavendra Satish Peri
Pic Of Raghavendra Satish Peri
Peri as he is fondly called brings in rich experience in Digital Accessibility; He has worked with
Various clients ranging from Travel & Hospitality, ecommerce, Entertainment, Banking &
Finance. Presently, he works at Deque Software as Digital Accessibility Consultant slaying web accessibility & mobile accessibility challenges.

Peri loves spending his free time blogging, training for marathons, listening to audiobooks, traveling & attending conferences/local meet-ups. Right now he is actively focusing on enabling the wider design & developer community in India. He aims to increase Digital Accessibility and the importance of Digital Equality awareness to people around him.

You can connect to Peri on his personal blog at raghava.in or to learn more about digital accessibility you can visit his “accessibility blog.


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