1. Thanks for the cheat sheets. I know something about WCAG, but I’m not certified in it yet. I do have much experience working with those having disabilities. Do you know where I could find a job where I could get started entry-level, please?
    Thank you, and have a great day.

  2. Not exactly a cheat sheet but sharing the love as we’re having to look at digital accessibility as a whole for our products, rather than just web accessibility – been loving https://appt.org/en/guidelines/wcag which was released internationally end January 2023. Great for someone who knows how the WCAG criteria work for HTML but not got a grasp of Android or iOS context. Thanks for your great content!

    1. Hello Benni, we have been following the work of Appt.org and are very inspired by all the effort that went into creating that resource. We have added appt.org to the list.
      Thank you very much for stopping by and sharing the resource in the comments section.

  3. Thanks for that compilation. You might like to add Intopia’s “Accessibility Not-Checklist” [https://not-checklist.intopia.digital/] and possibly the “WCAG 2.2 Map: [https://intopia.digital/articles/intopia-launches-wcag-2-2-map/]

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