1. Such a resourceful article!! Thanjs for sharing this.Can you please share some suggestions for the those who are passionate to work in web accessibility space but with no prior experience in this field as particular as most companies want at least 1 to 3 years of experience in accessibility.

    1. Hello Rashmi,
      I would suggest you start with some of the free courses listed out here & then do either WAS certification or DHS Trusted Tester certified…. A credential from an association like IAAP will boost the career prospects in the accessibility space & everyone are asking for a minimum certification these days. You can also do small projects independently, collect customer reviews & showcase them on your LinkedIn profile/portfolio.

  2. Hi, Raghavendra.
    Do you feel and see that there is a strong demand for third party recruiters who specialize in digital accessibility?
    Thank you for a very informative site and your committment to the community.
    Joseph Melillo

  3. Hi all! I am seeing a lot of job positions for digital accessibility jobs in the US or UK. Are there any specific resources for Europe? I am based in Germany, more specific.

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