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  1. I’d like to get some input please.

    I’m designing a form that by default has
    – a descriptive heading
    – 3 input fields with hint text. Purpose of these input fields is the same
    – aria labeling for fields

    The number of fields can go up to 100. Every single input field would have the same label, labels were ommitted to avoid visual clutter.

    I find the instructions confusing. It say that “Always provide visible labels to every form fields and controls”. Before that, in the description it suggests “content authors must ensure that information is not overwhelming and thus do not clutter the page or even the memory of the users”
    I’d like to know in the instance described above do we need to add the same label for every input field?

    Thanks very much in advance!

    1. Every visible label and programmatic name must be unique to ensure that users can easily distinguish the purpose of each field. For example, using the same label name for first name and last name would create confusion for the user. It is important to follow SC 2.4.6 which requires descriptive labels.

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