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  1. Be Accessible
    Our mission is to make accessibility in reach for any type of business. You don’t have to be a developer or designer to give your disabled customers full access to your services. We improve your website to a basic level of accessibility and show you how to navigate the modern web.

  2. ADA WebGuard®

    ADA WebGuard is a full-service website compliance solutions company. Our team consists of certified professionals and experts that review and assess websites for compliance and accessibility.

    We believe in the importance of creating and maintaining ADA Compliant Websites to enable those who have visual and other disabilities the ability to navigate all websites with freedom and confidence.

  3. Eleven Ways is a Belgium based digital accessibility agency, offering full-service consulting and Inclusive User Testing.

    Our clients range from governments to financial institutions, start-ups, and web agencies. We help them improve customer satisfaction and comply with European legislation on Digital Accessibility (EU Directive 2016/2102).

    Eleven Way’s founder Roel Van Gils has 15+ years of professional experience in Digital Accessibility consulting and has contributed to the authorized Dutch translation of WCAG.

    Our core team currently consists of two senior Accessibility Specialists (both are IAAP-WAS certified) and two highly experienced Front-end Engineers.

    Although we primarily focus on the Dutch-speaking market (operating in Belgium and the Netherlands), Eleven Ways has recently been contracted to audit the European Commission’s official website and coach the development team. Our consultants speak Dutch, English and French.

    As of 2020, Eleven Ways offers a Technical Servicedesk that is skilled in remediating complex web-based applications and PDF documents.

  4. Prime Access Consulting
    Prime Access Consulting (PAC) is a full-service digital accessibility and inclusive design firm. We consult on all aspects of achieving inclusion and accessibility from technical conformance (WCAG and more), operational considerations, executive team coaching and training, content workflows, novel interfaces such as augmented, virtual, and mixed reality, and much more.

  5. CommonLook is a global leader in electronic document accessibility, providing software products and professional services enabling faster, more cost-efficient, and more reliable processes for achieving compliance with the leading PDF and document accessibility standards, including WCAG 2.0 AA, WCAG 2.1 AA, HHS and PDF/UA.

  6. Applause has been my accessibility testing resource for several years. Their documentation related to found issues and recommendations for remediation are incredibly thorough.

  7. Hi Raghavendra,

    Is it possible to add AbilityNet ( to your list?

    We are passionate digital accessibility and usability experts, here to ensure your websites, apps and other digital services are accessible, usable and comply with current legislation.

    We work with your digital team at every stage of your project, providing the technical insight you need to reach every customer on every platform – giving your organisation an end-to-end digital accessibility strategy.

    Our vision is a digital world accessible to all.

  8. This is a great list; don’t think you missed any of them out because I know most of them but the number of companies I didn’t know I got to know from your list. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Anais Digital is a Belgian digital User eXperience and development agency. Our Accessibility Ops delivers audits, user testings, trainings and remediation on websites and Apps. Both in French and English.

    Our senior accessibility consultant, Regine Lambrecht, has more than 15 years experience in the field. She owns the highest certification in accessibility: the Web Accessibility Specialist (WAS) from the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP).

    The Accessibility Ops of Anais Digital is composed of 5 accessibility consultants.

  10. Hi Raghavendra, can you add Vision-Aid to your list please. The website address is:

    Our Digital Accessibility Testing & Training centre uses leading international standards, has trained and certified staff, and state-of-the-art processes, technology and tools to deliver results with highest expected quality. The team comprises of people with visual impairments who test your websites based on WCAG guidelines. For any enquiries in this regard, one can mail us at [email protected] .

    Our Vision is to Enable, Educate and Empower people with vision-disabilities to live a life of dignity & independence.

    Please visit our organization’s home-page ( for more information.

    Thank you.

  11. Hi Raghavendra. Two companies based out of Ireland are run by Josh O’Connor and
    Can you please add them to the list.
    Interaccess “help clients really understand accessibility and how to create practical design and development solutions for their projects that also conform to international accessibility guidelines, while maintaining a high level of usability and aesthetics.”
    ilikecake do web design, web development, accessibility audits and training.

  12. Raghavendra, we like to add AEL Data to the list please.

    AEL Data is a technology company specializing in providing Accessible Education Material to students with disabilities. Our offerings run the gamut from accessible document creation, remediation to web accessibility and consulting. We are a company that takes an Inclusive-first approach by making the digital world accessible to everyone.

    Thank you.

  13. I’d like to add Unity Web Agency!

    Unity Web Agency creates accessible and sustainable websites for nonprofits and socially responsible businesses. Founded by Alisa Herr in 2016, Unity aims to make every website build accessible to everyone, regardless of ability

  14. Hi Raghava,

    We like to add AdvancedBytez to the list.

    AdvancedBytez is a Disability Tech company. Our mission is to ensure all users of the web are included while using your products and services. Using technology to drive change, we provide Accessible web design and development, product development, and digital marketing services that are inclusive of all disabilities, genders, ages, cultures, and languages.

  15. The Texthelp Group is a global technology company helping people all over the world to understand and to be understood.

    Our accessibility and digital inclusion tools are used daily by millions of people worldwide. ReachDeck is our accessibility toolkit. It helps businesses to quickly identify WCAG compliance issues at scale, find readability barriers and broken links. Improve the quality and accessibility of all their content. And, give their web visitors alternative ways to access their web content with our handy toolbar. It includes text-to-speech, reading, and translation support.

    We partner with leading technology companies including Google and Microsoft to make sure our tools are always compatible. We are ISO 27001 certified because we take data security very seriously.

  16. QualityLogic is another leading accessibility testing company you should add to this – and future lists. Our passion for accessibility testing is driven by our team who use assistive tech in their day-to-day lives in one way or another. And we strongly believe that building a more inclusive web is critical.

  17. Hi,
    I am the operations project manager in “Accessibrand”. This company is working in the accessibility area too. “We describe ourselves as a disability collective. All of our team have lived disability experiences and are proud inclusion advocates. We know this makes us stronger as individuals and agile in business.”
    I would like to kindly ask you to add our company to your list, please.

  18. Hello Raghavendra, great resource! Would you be able to add Perkins Access ( to your list? Perkins Access is a non-profit and part of the Perkins School for the Blind, which means we’re mission-driven to build a more accessible world. We partner with organizations of all kinds to help them create digital products, services and experiences — websites, apps, multimedia and beyond — that engage and include all people, regardless of their abilities. Best, Kelsey Bronski

  19. Hi, Raghavendra. As requested, please find below our entry for your list. Our company is QualityLogic, we’re based in the United States in North America, and our website address is

    Here’s our description: QualityLogic is a US provider of digital accessibility testing and consulting services that include real users of assistive technology and individuals with physical or cognitive impairments. We are passionate about helping organizations excel in this area and making accessibility sustainable and scalable.

    It is not possible to get compliant and accessible with tools alone, so QualityLogic specializes in a full suite of professional services including design / UX support, testing and auditing, remediation support, training, documentation, WCAG certification, and consulting.

    We’re here to help you with every stage of your digital accessibility journey.

  20. Hi Raghavendra,

    I’d love to get Accessible Web added under the US Accessibility Companies category.

    ” WCAG compliance management solution that helps businesses automatically monitor websites, handle remediation, track user reports, and more. Accessible Web offers a range of tools to manage and maintain website accessibility in one central place, supported by a team of certified accessibility specialists. Accessible Web offers all the tools you need to do web accessibility the right way, supported by a team of experienced, IAAP certified Accessibility Professionals.

  21. Hello,

    Can I suggest you to add Ideance?
    We are a French company specialised in digital accessibility. We help private companies and public organisations in Europe consider disability in their digital services and content.

    Thank you for this list. Il will allow us to identify new partners in Europe 🙂

  22. Hello,
    Please add HolisticA11Y, we are a boutique digital agency offering accessibility services. We specialize in web accessibility audits, consulting, and trainings.

  23. @Albert Wiersch
    For some reason, our connection is being interrupted by anti-virus and firewall. without checking the site it is difficult to add the company to list. Can you check if your site is safe and secure?

  24. Please add for USA:

    TestPros, Inc

    TestPros provides independent IT Accessibility Assessment services to help you ensure the quality and integrity of your software and supporting infrastructure.

  25. Hi,
    Can you please our company to the list? We are based in the USA but also handle international clients.
    “Accessiblü empowers businesses to become champions of digital accessibility. Our USA-based operations provide custom accessibility solutions to businesses across North America and around the globe. Our concierge services include WCAG and 508 audits and user testing, site monitoring, accessibility consulting, and custom training. Our Managed Accessibility Operations model provides all our services to companies, digital agencies, and freelance developers who are ready to prioritize accessibility.”

  26. Thanks for this list! You can also add following both companies based in France: Ipedis ( and DocAxess (

  27. Hi Raghavendra,

    Can you please add our company to your directory?

    Access Armada helps businesses, nonprofits, and agencies of all sizes provide an equitable and accessible experience for everyone. We provide custom services tailored to your specific needs to make quick and measurable progress towards digital accessibility. Our offerings include website and mobile app audits, remediation and development support, training and coaching, and support for designing and building an accessible experience on new sites.
    White label partnerships are also available for marketing, design and digital agencies.

  28. Hi Raghavendra,

    I think our agency would be a great fit to your list. Can you please look into it and add it?

    Skynet Technologies
    Skynet Technologies is an ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013-certified full-service digital agency and development company with 22 years of business excellence. We are an associate member of the International Association of Accessibility Professionals (IAAP) and an official member of W3C. We offer comprehensive accessibility solutions, including All in One Accessibility (Instant Risk Mitigation) and AccessibilityAssist PRO for full website accessibility remediation. With over 9 years’ experience in the digital accessibility industry, we provide quick and managed website accessibility solutions, including ADA website audits, strategy, design, development, consulting, training, remediation, maintenance VPAT accessibility conformance reports, and support services. We deliver our services to state and federal government departments, education and university websites, non-profits, and any size of business.

    1. Hello Rajesh, we have added Skynet Technologies to our Digital Accessibility Companies Roundup. Thanks!

  29. Even Grounds:
    We provide holistic accessibility support.
    Digital and physical accessibility.
    Web, software, mobile audits.
    Accessibility training.
    Event and exhibit accessibility.

    1. Hello Tom! We have added Even Grounds to our Digital Accessibility Companies Roundup. Thanks for letting us know!

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