1. Hello,
    Here are some missing resources that may be of help.

    Visual ARIA:
    Visual ARIA allows engineers, testers, educators, and students to physically observe ARIA usage within web technologies, including ARIA 1.1 structural, live region, and widget roles, proper nesting and focus management, plus requisite and optional supporting attributes to aid in development.

    ARIA Role Matrices:
    A quick reference guide for learning the proper usage of ARIA roles and their required child roles and supported states and properties.

    Accessibility Tree Training Guide:
    A comprehensive guide for learning how the accessibility tree works in the operating system and how ARIA maps into these accessible objects to then interface with assistive technologies from beginning to end.

    ARIA Widget Checklist: For Screen Reader Testing:
    An ARIA widget testing checklist to validate browser and assistive technology support levels and compatibility.

    Important Differences Between ARIA 1.0 and 1.1:
    Deprecations & Additions: https://www.ssbbartgroup.com/blog/differences-aria-1-0-1-1-deprecations-additions/
    Additions to “role”: https://www.ssbbartgroup.com/blog/differences-aria-1-0-1-1-additions-role/
    Changes: https://www.ssbbartgroup.com/blog/differences-aria-1-0-1-1-changes/
    Changes to role=”combobox”: https://www.ssbbartgroup.com/blog/differences-aria-1-0-1-1-changes-rolecombobox/

    Static vs. Interactive Widget Roles – Ensuring Proper Functionality in ARIA: 2017 CSUN Presentation Materials
    Important information regarding the categorical differences between specific ARIA roles and the job duties associated with using them safely.

    AccDC Technical Style Guide and Accessible Widget Archive:
    An archive of reusable provably accessible ARIA widgets that integrate directly into jQuery, Dojo, and MooTools with equal accessibility.
    For jQuery: https://github.com/accdc/tsg
    For Dojo: https://github.com/accdc/tsg-dojo
    For MooTools: https://github.com/accdc/tsg-mootools

  2. How to access your website’s “Resources” menu subitem through keyboard. Tried enter key, it takes to resource page. Tried down key it is not opening sub menu. I was referrring your site for accesibility implemention in my site.

    1. Hi Soumya, while using the Tab key to navigate through our menu, you will come across a dropdown icon right after ‘Resources’. Pressing the Enter key on the dropdown icon allows you to view the submenu.

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