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  1. Hello Raghavendra ,

    I am looking for more information on mobile accessibility test tools. Will you please share documents which has details.


    1. Hello Samantha,
      I used the tool & found it interesting…it would be great to have a user to create an account & use the tool rather than submitting the test each time & getting the report in mail. This is the only concern I have.

    2. Hi Samantha,

      Do have any idea how to use the AQA by UsableNet for mobile Apps?
      Your help will be grateful.

  2. Thank you for sharing this informative article. I was wondering if you have had the opportunity to use AQA by UsableNet for automated accessibility testing. If not, I would highly recommend giving it a try. You can find more information about AQA at I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the tool if you do decide to try it out.

    Automated Accessibility Testing can be challenging, but Test Evolve’sautomated accessibility testing Tool makes it easier. Take advantage of the 90-day free trial and experience effortless accessibility testing like never before!

  3. An invaluable compilation of mobile accessibility testing tools and resources, crucial for fostering inclusive design and ensuring a universally accessible digital experience for all users

  4. Hello, I am looking for accessibility checking tools focused on hearing, visual, neurological disabilities. Can you suggest anything? Thanks in advance

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