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  1. Thank you for sharing!!!

    After testing all of them, my favorite ones because of their visual report are:

    – Accessibility Insights for Web
    – WAVE
    – WCAG Color Contrast
    – No Coffee

  2. I’d love to get our Accessible Web Helper extension for Google Chrome added to this page.

    Accessible Web Helper for Google Chrome –

    Accessible Web Helper for Google Chrome is a powerful (and free) Google Chrome extension built to help you test your website’s accessibility and color contrast ratios. From visually highlighting problematic elements on-page to viewing the exact failure details, Accessible Web Helper provides everything you need to begin tackling accessibility issues on your website. This free Chrome extension can be used to scan webpages against various levels of WCAG 2.0/2.1 A/AA rulesets and can be used behind login forms.

  3. Hi!

    We just got our tool listed on and were hoping we could list it in this article as well?

    Here is the tool:

    This tool tests the contrast of a background color and foreground color for accessibility. The idea behind it comes from a friend actually. He is visually impaired and have problems reading certain texts on websites, many web developers don’t take into consideration that the color they use can be a mad “mix” for people that is visually impaired.

    I hope we could list it here as well, thank you!

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