1. Hi, could we have AAAtraq included please? Allows anyone to assess ADA risk, no data collected to run / takes 60 secs. Simplifying understanding for management, not a tool to report diagnostics / technical detail.

  2. Hi Raghavendra, thank you for gathering all these and posting here. These are excellent resources for people who are exploring various topics of accessibility. Salute to all who update the list with the effort of making such a broad list and sharing the knowledge across the world.

  3. I appreciate the effort put into creating this list and bringing attention to the importance of accessibility. It’s a valuable resource for anyone who wants to make their digital content accessible to everyone.

  4. What an incredible resource! These accessibility blogs are a treasure trove of valuable information for anyone seeking to understand and implement web accessibility. Staying updated with the latest techniques, tips, and tricks in this dynamic space is crucial, and these blogs are sure to be an invaluable guide for success.

  5. Hi, just a note that ACHECKS has a new blog available at: https://www.achecks.org/blog/

    It provides digital accessibility tips, strategy and trends to help you build an accessible, inclusive and compliant websites.

    We maintain the popular AChecker tool in addition to providing for a number of free tools to check accessibility such as via Lighthouse, Tingtun for PDFs, and colour contrast checkers.

    Thank you kindly

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