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We identified the influencers in the accessibility space & made this comprehensive list of accessibility blogs. As the accessibility space is very dynamic keeping updated about various accessibility techniques, tips & tricks will be the key for success & we hope these blogs will come in handy.

  1. Law Office of Lainey Feingold
  2. Blog by Lainey Feingold

  3. Accessibility Blog by Dig Inclusion
  4. Dr Scott Hollier – Digital Access Specialist – Technology for everyone
  5. Blog of Dr Scott Hollier

  6. Gian Wild’s blog
    “Practical accessibility
  7. Do It Myself Blog – Glenda Watson Hyatt » Blog Accessibility
    “Glenda Watson Hyatt shares her experiences living with cerebral palsy to motivate and inspire others to think about how they perceive their own situation and their own world around them. She does all this by typing with only her left thumb!” (Web accessibility category of Glenda Watson Hyatt’s blog)

  9. Learning the World
    “‘Learning the World’ is a blog about web standards and accessibility.” By Martin Kliehm
  10. Wendy Chisholm
    “I am an author, activist and developer. I co-wrote “Universal Design for Web Applications” with Matt May (O’Reilly, 2008). Before that, I co-edited Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 and 2.0–the basis of most web accessibility policies.”
  11. Ian Pouncey » Accessibility

    Ian Pouncey works as a Senior Accessibility Specialist at the BBC, and formally as a web developer at the BBC, Yahoo! Europe and Bloomberg.

  12. the art of web accessibility by Steve Grobschmidt

    “This blog’s mission is raise awareness about web accessibility, not just for disabled users but for everybody.”


  14. SSB BART Group
    “Accessibility On-Demand”
  15. Bruce Lawson’s personal site
    “I’m a member of the Web Standards Project’s Accessibility Task Force . That doesn’t mean I’m a guru or great theoretician or designer, just that I’m a jobbing web developer with a firm belief that the web is a revolutionary communication mechanism and should be available to all.”

  17. The ‘58 sound
    “David Sloan on Accessibility, Inclusive Interaction design – and other topics of interest”
  18. Accessibility | OpenConcept Consulting Inc.
    “open source web development for social change”

  20. iheni :: making the web worldwide
    “This is the personal blog of Henny Swan, Currently working at the TPG I’ve been in this space for 14 years previously at BBC, Opera Software, the Royal National Institute of the Blind, freelancing, and a startup in China.
  21. AlastairC – Usability and Web Development
    “A technically oriented site about the web and how people use it by Alastair Campbell.”

  23. The Paciello Group Blog
    “Your Accessibility Partner”

  25. WebAIM: Blog
    “Expanding the web’s potential for people with disabilities”
  26. Web Axe
    Podcast and blog on practical web design accessibility tips.”
  27. Marco’s accessibility blog

    Marco’s Accessibility Blog | Helping to make accessibility accessible on the web and elsewhere

  28. Accessible Web Design Blog by Joe Dolson ”
    Articles on Web Accessibility and Best Practice Web Design”
  29. Adobe Accessibility
    Information and news about accessibility in Adobe products for people with disabilities, authors, and developers.”
  30. Clear Helper
    Web Accessibility for People with Intellectual / Cognitive Disabilities. Project to develop a Web site using best practices of accessibility for people with intellectual / cognitive disabilities, and to discuss related issues.

  32. A List Apart
    A List Apart (ISSN: 1534-0295) explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

  34. Blind Access Journal
    This blog and podcast is about the blind and our quest for the greatest possible access to all the information available in the world around us. A team of advocates, assistive technology instructors and reporters including Allison Hilliker, Darrell Shandrow and special guest contributors explore accessibility evangelism, demonstrate revolutionary new technologies for the blind, find out about the latest assistive technology happenings and much more.

  36. E-Access Blog
    ‘E-Access Bulletin Live’ is run by the team behind E-Access Bulletin, the free email newsletter on access to digital technologies by people with disabilities.
  37. Paul J. Adam – Expert Web & Mobile Accessibility Consultant in Austin, TX
    Paul J Adam is an accessibility consultant for a wide range of enterprise-level, large organizations in a variety of industries including: State/Federal Gov, Higher
    Ed, Banking/Financial, Insurance, Telecom, Airline, Healthcare, Retail/E-commerce, and Hospitality. His blog & demos provide a lot of insights.
  38. Denis Boudreau’s Blog
    Senior Web Accessibility Consultant. Strategist. Speaker. Trainer. Tester. Digital Activist. Gamification Enthusiast. Organizational Change noob. W3C invited
    expert in various working groups.
  39. Accessibility Matters Blog by Deque Systems
    Deque software provides web accessibility software and services, which maximize opportunity and reduce risk of Section 508 noncompliance.
  40. Simply Accessible: We believe in a digital world for everyone.
    Find out what’s happening in the world of accessible design, Simply Accessible’s team updates, and better practices for an accessible web.
  41. WebA11y | Adventures in Web Accessibility
    site for web accessibility projects links and examples. Maintained by Becky Gibson. I am a Web Accessibility Architect at IBM.
  42. Microsoft Accessibility blog
    Microsoft Accessibility blog on accessible technology, UI Automation and disabilities.
  43. Maxability Blog by Rakesh
    The goal of Maxability is to spread awareness on web accessibility. We inform the readers about problems and solutions on web content that impact people
    with disabilities. Our theme is “Maxability – Towards an Inclusive Web”.
  44. Accessibility Blog by Suman
    This blog discusses about the software/web accessibility concepts in all the platforms. It keeps you updated what is new in the accessibility world, understanding
    of WCAG checklist, examples/demos for the WCAG checkpoints, best android apps for visually impaired, and usage of ARIA(1.0 and 1.1) technology in the code.
  45. F1fora11y-Accessibility Blog by Aparna
  46. am Aparna Pasi, a web accessibility consultant with Deque Inc. I have started my journey of accessibility with a mission to make the digital media equal to use by one and all… This is another view for that mission…

  47. Accessibility Ideas – Making a Difference in Digital Equality
  48. This blog is managed by CB Averitt

  49. Adrian Roselli | Consultant, Writer, Speaker
  50. Blog of Adrian Roselli

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