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  1. Hi Raghavendra,

    I’d love to get Accessible Web RAMP added to this list.
    This is the link to our features overview pages:
    This is the link to the login/registration page:

    Accessible Web RAMP allows for ongoing page monitoring, user issue tracking, remediation task and team management–among other features designed to help optimize and streamline accessibility management and ongoing maintenance. Accessible Web RAMP was designed with agencies and enterprise organizations in mind, so the platform was built to manage multiple websites and accessibility projects at one time.

    With an Accessible Web RAMP account, you can monitor for new issues, generate accessibility statements, add an issue reporting form to your site, maintain written documentation of accessibility work, or shop Accessible Web’s comprehensive marketplace of accessibility services, solutions, and educational courses. Plus, invite your whole team to RAMP at no extra cost–maintaining digital accessibility is a collaborative effort!

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