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  1. Hey there!

    How would the tags/keyboarding change for a date-range picker over a single-date picker?

    Like travel site picker-style, with 2+ month grids shown, and a user needing to select two dates.

    1. Hello Matt,
      In a travel site where we need to select 2 dates I would suggest we think hard about the design pattern first before implementation. As a person with visual disability I will find this kind of experience confusing but we need to implement something like this then we need to separate both calendar widgets with proper headings & when user moves to calendar widget using the keyboard using the tab key it should also announce this info to the user… I would like to see an example that you are referring to, so that I can give more inputs.

  2. Missing ExtJS 7.5 date picker also – useful addition for the many using this commercial framework.

    ** calendar is part of commercial, not GPL3 version.

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