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  1. All functionality should be accessible to all user groups. So IMO that also includes the scroll to top button. Just because keyboard and AT users have other means of moving to the top, the scroll to top button shouldn’t be hidden from them. It should be up to the user to decide which functionality to use.

  2. I would start from here, as in many functionalities there are multiple ways to reach the destination. In my opinion, if such a case occurs then always follow the rule book. Following the rule book does not mean that we are not thinking out of the box, though if we are not making a keyboard accessible then it’s not exactly a failure, yes if we are making this keyboard accessible then it also is not harming anything and providing one more option.
    And our entire objective is not only thinking about the power user but also other users who are not so much familiar with tools. So, making it accessible is a much better option compared to not making it.

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