1. Why do you say that the “Screen reader is suppose to read fruits heading first & then content related to fruits, then proceed to vegetables heading & content of vegetables.”?
    That is NOT the desired experience of a screen reader reading a data table. The point of having a data table, which this is BECAUSE there are column headings, is to be able to navigate using the screen reader by row and/or by column, same as a sighted users scans across the rows and columns. Reading all the column heading of the first row is perfectly correct.

    The example and code semantics is confusing when pared with the discussion and the points that its trying to demonstrate. The code example mixes Headings , column headings , row data cells , and list items. If the user experience that is INTENDED or DESIRED is to read the Heading Fruits first only followed by the list of Fruits and then followed by the next Heading Vegetables followed by the list of veggies, then table mark-up whether role=presentation or otherwise should NOT be used at all, but the two column layout should be coded by CSS, not .

    This example is missing the mark-up that matches the INTENDED or DESIRED experience, and does a poor job, in my opinion, of explaining why the bad example mark-up will not give the desired experience. It also needs to be clearly explained what screen reader users expect when table layout presentation and data table mark-up is used. In other words, its mixing metaphors and provides no “good example” of code paired with the desired experience.

  2. “In the above example, “List of fruits” is visually followed by its related content & “List of sports” is followed by its content.”

    It is not.

  3. Hi Raghvendra,

    In the above example, Screen Reader reads List of Fruits and then content mention just below it in the list i.e. cricket, hockey, and chess, and then out of the list. Further, it reads List of sports and content below that in the list.

    And Visually also it looks the same. So I got a little confused. Could you please elaborate on it exactly what you want to say?

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