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  1. Thanks for this great article. It’s good to know that something is going to be done about time-outs. I have a slight coordination issue, and I know others who do as well. As someone who has long been passionate about accessibility, I really do hope that the issue of forms on websites automatically timing out after only a few minutes or shorter, will finally be solved. I’ve been a screen reader user since the mid-90’s and just got my first i-device earlier this year. However, screen reader users are not the only ones affected by the issue.

  2. Hello Jake,
    Thanks for reading this article.
    Couldn’t agree with you more when you say that the time out is not only meant for screen reader users alone. We have provided in the “for whom it’s meant” column of the SC that it is meant for users with cognitive disabilities too. Generally speaking, it is meant for anyone with any disabilities that makes reading and information processing a bit slower and thereby consuming more time to perform tasks on the internet.
    Thank you once again.

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