1. While links aren’t technically buttons, I feel it’s still a good idea to give them clear visual cues that encourage user interaction, especially for standalone CTAs.

    Following the argument about buttons, an accordion button acts like a button but, in most cases, it doesn’t look like other buttons.

    So, I feel that what’s important is that the text clearly indicates what the user should expect when they click. An icon could also help.

    But I do agree that buttons should have visual differences from links.

    1. I agree, using icons as a cue is something I never thought of. Can we use icons where there is a CTA? I never knew that accordion buttons are not similar to other buttons. I need to check this with my sight assistant.

  2. It sounds like a good idea to submit a bug. The disconnect in user experience for AT users as well as any user could be clarified. Having a primary call to action (CTA) clearly indicated, then secondary options, makes the experience better for people using the site. Using and styling buttons and links as specified consistently across the industry will be better all around.

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